Friendly and professional, Sam found related issues linked to my initial problem that I was unaware of from previous physio treatment. The multi-aspect approach to treatment has produced a vast improvement after a few sessions.
Heather Oakes

After just 4 treatments my back was healed! My injury was sustained 5 years ago lifting heavy weights and I have spent the last 5 years seeing lots of different people to try and help with my back pain without success. Sam saw me for 4 sessions and healed my back! It was amazing how Sam used his wonderful healing hands and worked from his heart. He has such a positive aura about him.
Gina Kaur

As a power lifter and rugby player, I put my body through the wars and have had my fair share of injuries. Sam’s background in rugby and heavy weight training means he understands the stresses my body is under, and with his care and patience I’ve been able to keep giving everything to the sports I love.
Darren McCormac